The Water Keepers


        In the far distant past lived an enchanted, ancient oak forest. This was the largest oak forest in the world. It had been home to huge herds of elk and deer, black panthers and golden bob cats, packs of giant wolves, monstrous black bears, and as the story goes, even faeries were known to inhabit the massive forest that went all the way down to the sea. 

        The faeries had lived in this forest for aeon's undisturbed moving easily between the Green World and the Faery World. The faeries kept the natural order of the forest by tending to the trees, plants, flowers, fungi and moss. The Fae folk were the guardians and caretakers of this enchanted forest. They did this by weaving their magic into the very fabric of nature itself.   
       One summer solstice, when the veil was at its thinnest, magical creatures came through the gate from the Realm of Faery into the Green World. As the veil continued to thin, the forest came alive with enchantment as faeries, elves and sprites tumbled playfully through the gate between the two worlds. 

      Faeries are known for their love of the dance and the tell tale sign of a faery all nighter is revealed by the faery rings covering the forest floor or scattered across the countryside. Round and round in circles dance the faeries through the night, causing plants and fungi to grow in circles too. A night of wild dancing was sure to make deep, circular impressions within the soft, spongy moss. All kinds of faery rings can be found scattered throughout the forest carpet. Even a circle of grass laid flat, was a sure sign, that the Fae had been there dancing and singing through the night. Some were large circles of white speckled red cap toadstools, while others were wee circles of pale, fleshy mushrooms as delicate and tender as a babies ear. 
     On this solstice night something very special and completely unexpected was taking place. An underground spring deep within the dense oak forest, was bubbling up with the enchanted water of the Fae. The milky blue liquid had seeped its way up through soil, leaves and moss at the base of a large holly bush. How it had made its way from the Land of Fae into the Green World was any faeries guess. But now that it had, it required a blessing and consecration from the Elven water priestesses. 
     The warm night created a fine mist that rose up from the earth, making the forest appear softly translucent. The ghostly light of a magnificent full moon filtered through the misty, dense canopy of the leaves above. Each moonbeam a pin prick of light that made the trees glisten like twinkling stars. 

    Seven tall Elven priestesses, dressed in cloaks of midnight blue and carrying a silver goblet, solemnly made their way through the mist. They moved slowly and silently as they made their way to the faery spring that had bubbled up within the heart of the forest. As they approached the spring the seven priestesses formed a circle around the effervescent water as it seeped its way beneath the spongy moss. Each woman, in turn, filled her silver goblet to the brim with the milky blue liquid as they began to sing in unison as the milky blue water bubbled and fizzed and came alive with the life force of the ancient forest.

    The haunting song of the elven priestesses climbed ever higher, the vibration of their voices crashing into a crescendo, before slowly evaporating into the misty, moon-lit night. The forest went suddenly silent. There were no more chirping crickets, or croaking frogs, no more buzzing insects, only an eerie quiet,  as though the forest had inhaled and held its breath. Then, like cascading waters, the song of the Elven priestesses rose again, welcoming the faery spring into its new life within the heart of the forest.   


Magic was afoot! The whole forest trembled with it. An enchanted faery spring had just been born!