Thin Places


How does one get to Faeryland or what some refer to as the Land of Forever Summer? It is entered through a portal or what is referred to as a thin place. A thin place is where two worlds merge and become one. This is a threshold where one has access to an alternate dimension that is on the other side of the veil which divides us in this third dimension. These parallel realities function on a different frequency and are fused together with ours. You can think of it as a door or gateway that is activated at certain times of the year and is in what is described as in- between places. You cannot find these thin places with your five senses. Midgard is the name given to the human world but is sometimes referred to as the green world. “Gard” is derived from the old Germanic idea of innangard and utangard. Literally meaning “inside the fence” and “outside the fence,” terms applied to the physical or geographical location of a place as well as the mindset of its inhabitants. (p. 14 Cooper) These geographical locations are located at thresholds and borders. The in-between places are many times located in woods and forest that separates a town or village from the wilderness of nature. The division of sand and sea as well as the division of the mountain tops where land and sky meet are thin places. These thin places are also influenced by the time of day or season of the year. The time of twilight and midnight and the time of year such as Samhain (Halloween) is when the veil is at its thinnest. The cusp of night and day, light and dark, summer and winter solstice are all in-between times and are favored by faeries and magical creatures that dwell on the other side of the fence. Saints referred to thin places when the spiritual atmosphere of a location made it easy to connect with God. This is referred to as a spiritual portal or an ancient well. These were places where Christians in earlier centuries went to worship, pray and connect with God. Many times, they were actual wells or springs. Many of these places are well known and have become popular places of pilgrimage. Early Celtic Christians believed in the notion of thin places. I venture to say, even earlier than that the pagan and goddess worship cultures utilized these thin places to gather for rituals, receiving psychic communication from the divine, and as literal doorways into another world. I believe I have personally experienced one of these vortexes or thin places while visiting Mt. Shasta in northern California in the United States. While hiking up the mountain I came across a group of people dressed in white singing and dancing in a circle between a group of large boulders. They were tall and willowy in stature. The sound of a flute could be heard, but I couldn’t see who was playing it. The singing was in a language I could not understand, nor did I recognize it. I was standing a short distance away, but they did not seem to notice me. At this point, I thought they were a group of New Agers doing a ritual, so I continued to go up the mountain.

After a few minutes I came to a place where I could look down on the group but now there was no one there. I scanned the surrounding area but could see no one. I knew there was no way that a large group of people could have left the area that quickly. It was as though they had completely disappeared. This is when I began to consider these were not mortals and that perhaps I had glimpsed into another realm. Anyone who has heard of or been to Mt. Shasta knows

of the strange stories surrounding the mountain. As land reaches up to meet sky, there is a thin place, portal or gateway into alternate realities. There is also speculation that a human being can be a biological portal. I sometimes wonder if many of these strange and unusual experiences that I have had throughout my life is because I am a biological portal. I believe this portal or thin place is in my 8th chakra, located a few inches above my crown. This is where I connect with the spirit world and receive information. This is referred to as channeling or mediumship. It is a fantastical idea but worthy of contemplation.

"Seychelle fell through the shimmering, liquid portal in slow motion, images and colors sped past her so fast it was impossible to know what they were. The juxtaposition of slowly falling and at the same time images speeding past was terribly disorienting. Seychelle literally fell out of the sky. Thankfully, her landing was cushioned by soft moss that appeared to be covering everything. She sat looking around trying to get her wits about her. What in he world just happened? Where the hell was, she? One thing was for certain, she was no onger in the reality she was familiar with.” (chap. 8)


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The Faery Water Chronicles by Shriya Inuzuka

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