Creative Fire

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Creative Fire

Lavender Press was inspired several years ago while in the midst of writing my first fantasy novel "The Faery Water Chronicles". The idea bubbled up from my consciousness just like the fairy spring that lay deep in the enchanted ancient oak forest. Your creative fire must be fed and tended, just as you would with any fire that you fan into life, lighting ones inner fire. The illumination of ones inner creative fire brings to light that which may have not been part of your original intent. Lavender Press is one of those ideas that came about unbidden and was a complete surprise.

The title of the second chapter of "The Faery Water Chronicles" is "Lavender Wine". The main character Seychelle has a lavender farm where she sells many types of lavender products, such as, soaps, sachets, creams and dried wreaths. Her most successful product is her lavender wine. The success of the wine is due to its special properties. Unbeknownst to Seychelle, her lavender bushes are being fed by an underground spring. This enchanted fairy spring had somehow found its way from the fairy world into the green world of the humans.

Since fairy water has special properties, it made the wine a magical brew:

"Seychelle's lavender wine is like a little miracle corked inside a bottle. Once it is uncorked, the fragrance wafts though the air making one think of spring showers, fluffy white clouds and early summer flowers. The heady scent of lavender filling the air is just the thing one needs on a cold winter night. It is that first glorious sip that takes you back to your childhood when you romped and played and tumbled in tender green grass or the first kiss you received under the honeysuckle. Men remember their boyhood dogs and how they ran the streets jumping and running, screaming and hollering at the top of their lungs. Old women remember their first love with eyes misting over with long forgotten memories of sweetness and regret.

All one has to do to get out of the winter doldrums is to pour a tiny glass of Seychelle's lavender wine. Each sip is like the warmth of the sun on a perfect spring day that floods through your veins putting a sparkle in your eye, a flush upon your cheeks and heats your bones so that for many hours afterwards you have a smile on your lips and a spring to your step. (Shriya 4)"

As I reread this chapter, for the umpteenth time, it suddenly hit me like a bolt of lightning. The wine is pressed in order to infuse and release the floral bouquet of the lavender into the wine. Immediately, the word press was highlighted to me and the double meaning of a press being used to print came to mind. Just like the fairy spring in the ancient forest, Lavender Press was born.

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